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GBN Varsity Takes Down GBS 8-1

02/10/2013, 7:25pm CST

Christopher Zhang leads the way with a goal, GBN Varsity strong on D to dominate their opponents

February 10, 2013, 7:25 PM

In a blowout game, GBN Varsity overcame GBS 8 - 1 at Northbrook Rink B on Sunday. GBN Varsity racked up five goals to take the lead in the first period. As the second period unfolded, GBN Varsity outscored their opponents by one goal and kept the lead. It would prove to be too much for GBS. In the final period GBN Varsity scored one goal adding to the margin of victory and winning the game.

Christopher Zhang, Kyle Slovis, Ryan Slovis, Parker Roth, Alexander Merritt, Ryan Maksimovic, and Mitchell Kasselman each tallied one goal for GBN Varsity.

This was the season opener for GBS but GBN Varsity entered the game with a record of 45-13.

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