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Below are the instructions for the 4th of July Parade that we are participating in.

  1. Wear your Jersey or other GBN sportswear.
  2. Go to Cherry Lane right near Westmoor School between 1-2pm. Staging closes at 2pm.
  3. On Cherry in the staging area look for NBHL and Entry Number C. This is the Bluehawks spot we will line up behind them.
  4. If being dropped off,  try the church at 1133 Pfingston Rd or the corner of Shannon Rd/Adelaide intersection north of Westmoor and walk south to the staging area on Cherry.
  5. We have a candy and horns to give out.
  6. This is a walking parade only no bike or roller blades.
  7. There will be a couple of Banners the State JV banner and the Banner that is up by the locker room.


This is a chance to make sure the community is aware of the Excellence that is Glenbrook North Hockey. I look forward to having a fun day with all of you.


Coach Evan


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2022 Fall Tryouts Information

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GBNHC Protocols for Players

  • Players must be vigilant in preventing the spread of the virus by practicing good hygiene, as recommended by CDC guidelines. 
  • Players should conduct a self-assessment and not attend a practice, game or visit a facility if: a. The individual is ill or exhibiting symptoms of COVID-19. b. The individual or household member has been in close contact with anyone who has tested positive for COVID-19. c. The individual has tested positive for COVID-19 and has not been determined it is safe to return. 
  • Report suspected or positive COVID-19 cases or confirmed close contact exposures to your head coach and GBNHC Board immediately.